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Camp Explore

Our mission is to support educators in achieving peak results by challenging mindset, expanding skillset, and strengthening toolset.

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about Camp Explore

Camp Explore Includes:

  • Three-Day Workshop with Wellness Activities

  • Yearlong Implementation Planning

  • Nine Months of Small Group Coaching (Fireside Chats)

  • Camp Materials & Resources

  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Monthly Implementation Strategy

  • Monthly Content Vocabulary

  • Monthly Connection Collection Idea

  • Quarterly Implementation Recognition & Celebration

  • Discount Code for Future Camp Explore Participation

  • Exclusive Camp Souvenirs


Camp Explore Price

Camp Explore

June 24 - 26 - Alabama

July 16 -18 - South Carolina


Camp Engage

June 18 - 20 - Georgia

$1250/per person

A-Team Camp

June 10-12 - South Carolina


Club Team Camp

July 9 -11- South Carolina

$1275/per person


Experience Camp Explore

Camp Explore for Teachers helps stressed educators find joy in their personal lives and work so that they can meet the needs of their students and make time for themselves. 


Student engagement can be used to foster a positive learning environment, meet students’ preferred learning styles, encourage collaboration and teamwork among students, and maximize academic learning.  


Camp Explore is designed for educators to experience a wide variety of research-based, engaging, student-led, social-emotional literacy and instructional learning strategies that can be immediately implemented in the classroom and provide personalized learning for students.  In addition to having fun, participants will leave with their backpacks full of newly learned personal wellness and teaching strategies and a long-range plan of self-care and classroom implementation in all subject areas.

Campers receive continued support through monthly fireside chats (group coaching) to ensure seamless implementation of personal wellness practices in their life and teaching strategies in the classroom. 

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