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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the instructional strategies shared at Camp Explore effective?

Yes. All instructional strategies taught at Camp Explore are based on current research and best practice.  Each new, innovative, and proprietary strategy has been extensively field-tested. 

Are physical wellness activities required?

No. While physical wellness activities will be offered, each camper will have the chance to choose from a menu of wellness activities.  Additionally, wellness activities will vary based on the location of the event.  

Do participants spend the night at Camp Explore?

Camp Explore is a camp-themed professional development workshop followed by nine months of group coaching.  Please contact us for special rates on nearby lodging for out-of-town attendees.

What if a camper cannot attend ?

We offer two options. The first option is to send someone else from your school to attend in their place. The second option is to apply a credit for future services. We do not offer refunds for contracted services.

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