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According to Joyce & Showers (1980, 2002, 2011), professional development limited to theory yields minimal impact to teachers' knowledge, skill, and practice; however, when professional development includes theory, modeling, practice, and coaching, the impact increases to 95% for teachers.

  • Participants of Camp Explore will learn the theory behind the instructional strategies and social-emotional learning shared during the three-day workshop.  They will also see the content modeled and have the opportunity to practice and apply their learning to their own lesson plans. 

  • Campers continue their learning throughout the school year with monthly Fireside Chats (Group Coaching).  Campers reunite with bunkmates (grade-level peers) during chats to share evidence and celebrate, learn new strategies, and receive teacher-centered coaching.  Connecting with friends made during camp isn't just good for the soul, it organically leads to accountability.      

Joyce & Showers - Models of Professional

Teacher-Centered Coaching 

Student engagement can be used to foster a positive learning environment, meet students’ preferred learning styles, encourage collaboration and teamwork among students, and maximize academic learning, but what happens when a teacher is not equipped with engaging instructional strategies?

Just as student achievement is significantly influenced by effective teaching practices, effective instructional coaching impacts quality teaching.  Camp Explore participants receive teacher-centered coaching during the three-day workshop and nine group coaching sessions throughout the school year.  Teacher-centered coaching is focused on the teacher's mindset, knowledge, and skillset and follows the Active Learning Cycle.

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