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About Camp Explore

Why Camp Explore

The numbers are astonishing and growing.  Nationally, 44% of new teachers leave the profession in five years or less, and the numbers are 25% greater in high-needs communities.  Since the Department of Labor began measuring in 2001, U.S. Public education employees have the fastest resignation rate, and the attrition rates of first-year teachers have increased by about one-third in the past two decades.  


While many believe low pay is at the root of the massive teacher turnover, it's far more likely that teachers aren't getting the support and resources necessary to succeed and feel genuine accomplishment.  The National Center for Educational Statistics suggests there is an exceedingly high number of teachers who leave their career due to being underprepared, overwhelmed and undersupported.  In 2017, more than five thousand educators responded to a survey and revealed that feelings of frustration, overwhelm, and stress was felt nearly 70% of the workday.  This data aligns with Gallup studies that show nearly half of U.S teachers report high stress daily.  When you couple these genuine emotions with a lack of relevant instructional preparation and professional development, it becomes evident why educational institutions are spending $7.3 billion replacing teachers each year.  

What is Camp Explore

Camp Explore is the result of passionate and devoted educators aspiring to support all administrators, principals, teachers, and students by elevating education.  Camp Explore is designed to challenge the mindset, expand the skillset, and strengthen the toolset of participants through an inviting and immersive camp-themed environment.


All participants of Camp Explore should be prepared to fill their backpacks with research-based and engaging strategies that can be immediately implemented to build mental fitness, decrease stress, and provide personalized learning for adults and students.  Besides having fun, participants exit the camp experience with a long-range plan for self-care and newly learned strategies.

Camp Explore for Teachers, established in 2015, has supported thousands of principals, teachers, and students through unique and proprietary, research-based, field and time-tested, engaging instructional and mental fitness strategies.  Each strategy taught through the Intentional Active Learning Cycle is easily implemented in the classroom, bringing differentiation and increased rigor to student learning, and alignment to academic standards. 

Camp Explore for Teachers couples live, professional development workshops with online coaching to ensure each participant is confident in their classroom implementation and is held accountable for their learning.

Camp Explore for Admin Teams, a newer offering, fosters an incredible opportunity for administrators and coaches to come experience getting to know one another on a deeper level, both personally and professionally. School teams will explore learning through activity based experiences of the domains within the Leadership Acumen Framework. Focus areas of the framework will include: Listening and Communication, Mental Wellness, Relationship Trust, Team Building, Innovations, Reflection and Systems. Teams will self assess through reflection, analyze current results,  determine needed skill building, plan effective systems, and develop their personal team success plan to return and implement back at their building.


*Additional options include participation with Executive Coaching from Camp Counselors who are certified through International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

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Who is Camp Explore

Our team of devoted educators includes former administrators and teachers, education consultants, and coaches that unequivocally believe that all students deserve an education that fosters their unique gifts and talents enabling them to achieve their true potential and make meaningful contributions to the world.  We work together with district and school leaders to elevate education across the country through powerful professional development and coaching.

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