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You're Never Too Old for Camp

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Summer camp is a component of childhood that has lasted the passage of generations. It has long been part of growing up in America and may come in many different forms- day campers and sleepaways, interest, and skill-based camps, all full of activities. It is still a life opportunity that so many children look forward to with each approaching summer. But who says summer camp is just for kids? Some of the same benefits kids experience from attending camp can be gained by adults, as well.

Don’t Let That Summer Break Go to Waste and Take the Brain with It!

Learning activities, programs, and camp can help keep the brain and body active and motivated. Our brain is much like a muscle and needs exercise just like our bodies.

Fun + Engaging = Productivity

Camp programs that are fun and engaging will bring more productivity to your life and work . . . even beyond summer.

Strengthen Your Skills and Grow to Infinity

Camp gives everyone the opportunity:

  • to meet new people

  • develop skills

  • build friendships

  • learn and practice valuable social skills

  • challenge us to work together, achieve goals, and problem solve

Tap into Self Social and Emotional Wellness

Camp is a time for discovering who you are and where you want to go in life. It is a time to discover your strengths, work through challenges, widen your skill set, and bring a level of excitement to one’s personal life.

Whether you choose to attend band, robotics, nature, sports, college readiness, cooking, yoga, or EDUCATOR camp, you can truly grow in multiple ways.

Let's tap into those childhood memories and consider what might be gained by attending an educator retreat camp.

What was your biggest and favorite memory of Summer Camp?

Would you like to experience that same kind of memory, as an adult?

Ready to pack your bags for Camp Explore?

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